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Boomy's app features.

  • I have never scan a QR Code. How can I do ?

    It's very easy. Download the Boomy app. Open the Boomy scanner. Put the code in front of your camera. No need to click, wait for the camera to do the focus. Then just let yourself be guided through.

  • How to secure an item ?

    To register a new item, your must scan a blank QR Code with the app scanner. Then, name the item, choose the category, change the contact email if needed, you can also take a picture of your item, save to validate. It's complete !

  • Where should I put the QR Codes ?

    There is noe precise rule. It depends on everyone's items. We advise you to find the best compromise between discretion and visibility of the Qr Code in case of loss. Ensure yourself that the sticker is stick in the most adherent surface.

  • What is the use of the email adress in the form of every object ?

    When registering an item you associate an eamil adress to it (by default it's the one registered to you account). When someone finds your item you can receive a second alert by email in addition to the notifications received on your phone.

  • Why can I change the email address in every item form ?

    The suggested email address is by default the one of my account. But you can change it item by item. It's very useful if you register your item to someone else's account in order to get the alert on their email adsress.

  • Does the finder see the name I put on my item ?

    No, the finder can not see neither the name nor any other personal data. Data are confidential with Boomy. Nevertheless, when you receive a notification, the name of your item will be displayed. You will then be informed about the reason of the contact.

  • How to deal with people who can't use the app ?

    For people who cannot use the app (children, elder people, people who don't own a smartphone…), you ca, register their items to your own account. In case of loss you will be the one alerted. If you enter the person email adress he or she can access the chat directly through the link reiceved.

  • Can I modify every item form ?

    Yes, you can change it at any moment from the item form : the picture, the name, the alert email address. Of course changing the email is the most important feature.

  • For my Smartphone : how can I register it ?

    The smartphone is different. In case of loss you need to be able to be contacted as fast as possible. We offer you two different options :

    1. Set a Qr code registered on your own account. In case of loss , you cannot access the chat through the app but you can still access it with the link you received by email.
    2. Or else, you can put the item one someone else's app (your wife/husband, sister, etc.) and still put your own email adress. So the person will receive the notification and you will be alerted by email as well.

Working issues

  • I don't receive any notification, why ?

    The "notification" option might be desactivated on your Smartphone. Activate it in the notifications settings of your phone.
    "For iOS : go to « Settings » then click on « Boomy », « notifications ». You can choose the type of updates there."
    "For Androïd : Go to « Parameters », « app & notifications », « Boomy » then « notifications ». Here you can choose the type of the alert."

  • Th QR Code of the item I found is dammaged. What can I do ?

    Boomy has a backup solution to reach the owner : go to 'lost item' on to enter the number below the QR Code.

  • Does the app work on any type of device ?

    No, the app cannot run on older versions of iOS or Android. You must keep your system up to date.

  • I downloaded but I can't scan ?

    To use the scanner, the app must be granted the access to the camera and cellular data.
    "You must modify these approvals in your phone parameters :"
    "For iOS : go to « Settings » then click on « Boomy » and check « Camera » and « Cellular data »."
    "For Androïd : Go to « Parameters », « app & notifications », « Boomy ». Then « permissions » for the camera and « data consumption »/« Cellular data »."
    You must have an internet access.

  • How can I signal a dysfunction to the team ?

    We are currently working on the technical issues.
    Despite bugs thanks to notify us of the errors, problems or suggest throught the contact form.

Do I need specific Qr Codes to use Boomy ?

Yes, to keep the anonimity and allow fast notifications we use specific QR Codes stored in safe web server.

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If you don't find any answer to your question ?

If you don't find any answer to your question in this list or if you have any suggestion to give, please contact use by using the contact form.
We will answer you as fast as possible.

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I have found an item but I cannot scan its QR Code. What can I do ?

"It depends on the cause :"

  • Either you don't have any QR Code reader but then please download Boomy app to use its own

  • Or QR Code is damaged or you don't have any smartphone : then you can contact the owner on Boomy website, 'item found' page.

Contact the owner