BOOMY, how does it work ?

Clés, carte d'identité et téléphone protégés par un Qr Code Boomy

In order to protect your items you must own a Bommy QR Code and register it. You only have to scan directly on of your unregistered QR Codes to access the app or simply download it from your store !

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You don't have your QR Code yet ?

stikers Boomy

Secure an item with Boomy

Téléphone entrain de scanner un Qr code Boomy


Scan an unregistered Boomy QR Code to join it to your item.

Aperçu de l'interface de création de compte


Create your account, register your contact e-mail.

Aperçu de l'interface pour nommer l'objet protégé


Name your item, take a picture of it. There you go, you have protected your first item thanks to Boomy !

Aperçu du menu mes objets sécurisés


You can directly check or modify your securised items through this menu.

mini-cartes Boomy

Discover everything you can protect....

Boomy, in case of loss

Personne scannant des clés équipées d'une minicarte Boomy


In case of loss of an item. The person who finds it can directly chat with you through an anonymous and immediate chat interface.

Boîte de dialogue entre le propriétaire et le trouveur


As soon as someone scans your item QR Code you will be notified on the app. By clicking it you will open a chat box.

Aperçu du menu des échanges


Then, you can access this discussion directly in the app.This way, you can choose together the best way to retrieve your item.

Aperçu du mail de prise de contact


The discussion is also available through a link reiceved by email ensuring a double safety.

à partir de 50cts

A lost item ?

Thanks to a simple identification by QR Code (stickers, mini-cards, medals…), you can secure your most sensitive items.

When scanning a Boomy QR Code, the person who finds your item or your pet can chat with you. The restitution can be immediate.